Guy Who Wrote Worst Movie Ever Apologizes For Some Reason

J.D. Shapiro, who penned the epically awful John Travolta/Scientology vehicle Battlefield Earth, recently apologized to, I don’t know, the world I guess.  You can read his letter, which ran in the New York Post last week, here.  I’m guessing not many people have seen this thing, but this clip sums it up nicely:

The apology itself is kind of half-hearted.  He starts out by saying that he only wrote the thing to meet girls and then claims that re-writes changed his original “gritty” script into the piece of garbage it ended up being.  Shapiro made a boatload of money from this film, though, so he can stuff his sorrys in a sack.


~ by fc13 on April 7, 2010.

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