Fred Phelps Was A Former Civil Rights Lawyer. Wow, Didn’t See That One Coming

Fred Phelps, he of the “God hates fags” campaign, was a former civil rights lawyer, CNN reports.  Phelps is a controversial leader/founder of the Westboro Baptist Church, an institution whose primary function seems to be picketing funerals and claiming that soldiers’ deaths are the result of the United States’ liberal policies towards gays.  This raises a good deal of questions, mainly “What the hell happened?”  Did he start out as a good guy and become crazy, was he crazy all along and just doing the civil rights stuff to make money, or is he now just doing the whole anti-gay thing to gain notoriety?  Either way, this guy is like George Costanza.  He doesn’t just need on psychologist studying him, he needs a team, working round the clock, trying to figure out what’s going on inside his head.


~ by fc13 on May 13, 2010.

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