Celtics/Magic Game 4

There is no way the Magic are winning this game tonight.  I keep reading these Facebook statuses saying things like “The Celtics better not blow this 3-0 lead” and whatnot.  Come on.  Did these people watch Game 3?  That might have been the most thorough dismantling I’ve ever seen in a playoff game.  The Magic had given up by the first tv timeout.  Now, if they had a different cast of characters I guess pride and a sense of desperation could propel them for one game against a superior opponent.  But when your team leaders are Vince Carter, Dwight Howard, and Rashard Lewis, there’s no way.  Lewis has been a complete non-factor so far, Carter is booking his summer plans and I think Dwight Howard is either joshing around with Charles Barkley or filming another one of those awful commercials.

If you’re an Orlando fan, this has gotta be killing you because objectively, in terms of pure talent, the Magic arguably are the better team.  Check it out:

PG: Rondo vs. Nelson.  Advantage Celtics

SG: Allen vs. Carter.  Kind of a wash.  Allen’s been playing better this series and has bigger heart, Carter’s got more raw talent.

SF: Pierce vs. Barnes.  Big Advantage Celtics.

PF: Lewis vs. Garnett.  Advantage Celtics

C: Perkins vs. Howard.  Big Advantage Magic.

Bench: Davis, T. Allen, and Rasheed vs. Reddick, Gortat, Pietrus, and J-Dub.  Advantage: Magic.

I don’t know, now that I’ve got it written down like that I would say they’re about even talent-wise.  The Celtics have a huge advantage in that, though, because they actually want to win.  Crazier things have happened, sure, but I would be floored if the Magic came within 20 points of the Celtics tonight.

I’m ordinarily not one of those guys who develops passionate hatreds of celebrities or athletes, but there is no one on television I hate more than Vince Carter.  He’s such a smug bastard, and thinking about how much wasted talent he has makes me ill.  Every year he doesn’t win a championship and comes up short in the clutch is another year of celebration for me.

Also, Stan Van Guny might need to break out a “Shaquille O’neill is not walking through that door, Scott Skiles is not walking through that door, Penny Hardaway is not walking through that door” speech tonight.

UPDATE: Well, that prediction was a fail.  Who’d have thought JJ Redick would be the toughest guy on the court?  Oh well, they’ll get ’em in Game 5.


~ by fc13 on May 24, 2010.

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  1. Fran. I agree totally.

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