Remember Robert Swift?

I was reading an article on called Which Awful Redhead Stereotype Are You?  This somehow got me thinking about the paucity of redheads in professional sports.  The only high-profile (and I use that term loosely) professional basketball player I can think of is Matt “The Red Rocket” Bonner.  In baseball, you’ve got Mark McWire and probably some other bums that I can’t think of.  Soccer gave us that that goofy bastard that used to be on the Revolution(Alexie Lalis).  The one red-head that kept coming to mind, though, was Robert Swift, arguably one of the biggest jokes in NBA history.  He looked like this:

One of the few NBA players to sport visible acne on the court, Swift combined his mop of red hair with a “first time I’ve tried facial hair” goatee and some absurd tattoos in his bid at being the most ridiculous looking professional athlete in recent memory.  He inexplicably opted to skip college, despite a scholarship offer to USC among other schools, and was drafted by the Seattle Sonics in 2004.  After putting up pedestrian stats with the now-defunct Sonics, he was released by the Oklahoma City Thunder in 2009.  He will be fondly remembered (by me, anyway) for looking like Shaun White’s drug dealer cousin.


~ by fc13 on May 26, 2010.

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