Construction Of Michael Jackson Museum To Begin Next Year…Wait, What?

So apparently Michael Jackson’s family is building a museum for him in Gary, Indiana of all places, according to this article from The Guardian.  It’s going to include a museum, a concert hall, a performing arts center, a pavilion, and possibly a hotel, restaurant and gambling parlor.  Wow.  Two things to note here.  First, is this really necessary?  I get that Michael Jackson is this legendary singer, pop icon, yada yada yada, but are people that amped to go to a museum completely dedicated to this creep? 

He’s definitely still popular, as evidenced by the success of that This Is It movie.  But there’s a difference between buying a 9 dollar movie ticket and heading all the way out to Gary just to sift through some overpriced museum.  The fact that it’s in the middle of nowhere in Indiana sure doesn’t help matters.  My second issue is this: what the heck is gonna be in the museum?  Is it just gonna be rooms full of MJ’s old stuff?  Would there be a room full of leftover props from the “Thriller” video?  Museums generally are pretty boring, I’m sorry to say.  Even something like the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, filled with some outstanding works of art, can be a tad dull.  I can’t imagine walking around looking at Michael Jackson’s gloves would be much of a thrill.  Then again, what do I know? 

One last thing: I find it hilarious that this thing might include a “gambling parlor.”  Because what better way to honor a deceased musician than erecting a gambling parlor.


~ by fc13 on June 3, 2010.

2 Responses to “Construction Of Michael Jackson Museum To Begin Next Year…Wait, What?”

  1. Is it necessary to call him a creep, obviously people are interested in it and people will see almost anything dedicated to his memory. It sounds like a good idea to me but i don’t think the location is good.

    • I called him a creep because he does creepy things, ie sleeping with small children, dangling children out windows, etc. etc. Don’t get me wrong, he’s obviously an iconic figure and extremely popular, it just seems odd to have an entire museum dedicated to him.

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