Woman Literally Does Nothing, Calls It Art.

The woman pictured above, “performance artist” Marina Abramovic, just wrapped up an exhibit where she simply sat in a chair and stared at people.  For seven hours a day, six days a week (it added up to about 700 hours) she would just sit there, according to this article from the UK Telegraph.  If people wanted, they could sit in the chair opposite her and stare back.

This has to be the most half-assed piece of performance art I’ve ever seen.  Sitting around all day doing nothing?  Welcome to the real world, lady.  People sit around doing nothing all day long at work.  If that’s art, then there are a whole hell of a lot of artists out there.


~ by fc13 on June 5, 2010.

2 Responses to “Woman Literally Does Nothing, Calls It Art.”

  1. whether you like the piece or think it is successful or not it’s actually a bit (ok alot) more complicated than that. It’s mostly a piece about the art world, which if you don’t follow it doesn’t come across.

    • Knownever, I agree that it is probably more complicated that that. I don’t pretend to have a great understanding of what art is or anything like that, it just seems like some of these so-called performance artists are doing things just to get media attention or to attract controversy (that starving dog exhibit from a few years back is a good example). To my mind, art is about creating (or capturing) something. Though I don’t know what this woman’s intentions were, to sit in a room all day and just stare straight ahead, well, that doesn’t seem like art. Thanks for reading my blog, though!

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