Celtics Game 4 Thoughts (No Predictions This Time)

-If the Celtics don’t win tonight’s game, the series, for all intents and purposes, is over.  Coaches hate to put the pressure on just one guy, but the Celts need a great game from their team captain and the guy who’s been their best player for the past 12 years.  Pierce is averaging about 16 points a game (bolstered by 24 points in the first game), but his last two games have been sub par.  If Ray Allen hadn’t channeled his 1999 self, the Celts would be down 0-3 right now.  At any rate, P squared needs to put the team on his back tonight.

-Derek Fisher is starting to get on my nerves.  I liked him a lot during his brief stint with the Jazz, and he’s generally been tolerable for most of his run on the Lakers.  But this playoffs he’s really been grinding my gears.  I think it’s the fact that every announcer lauds him for his late-game heroics.  Seriously, the guy can’t make an open jump shot or take a charge without some announcer praising him for his “gritty play” and “clutch shooting.”  The guy is also a huge flopper.  He’s like the Vlade Divac of guards when it comes to the incredulous reactions and faux-charge attempts. 

-One of the more assinine comments I’ve heard came from Mark Jackson during game 3.  He was talking about Fisher and he said that one of the reasons he’s so successful is because he “really puts the work in.”  Umm, what?  He puts the work in?  He’s a professional basketball player.  He literally has no other obligations in life than to shoot around.  I should hope he puts the work in!

-I’ve long been a detractor of Brian Scalabrine, but I honestly think they should suit him up for at least one game.  The Celtics biggest problem has been their lack of outside shooting.  If they have any combination of Rondo, Perkins, or Tony Allen out there, the Lakers just sit in the paint like an eighth grade travel team instructed by their coach to pack it in.  On a sidenote, how embarrassing is it to be an NBA player who can’t knock down a 20 foot jump shot?  There are little kids who can make those shots with regularity, yet someone like Rondo can’t?  That is baffling.  Anyway, even though Scal would be hopelessly overmatched on defense, they could throw him in there for a few minutes and let him throw up a couple threes and get the crowd into the game.  It would at least save us from seeing his ridiculous suits on the bench.

Alright, that’s about it for me.  Go Celtics…


~ by fc13 on June 10, 2010.

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