South African Goalie Blames Fans For Draw…Are You Kidding Me?



South African goalie Itumeleng Khune provided further fodder for those who claim that soccer players are soft, making the outrageous claim that the fans did provide enough of a home field advantage for his team (in case you’ve been living under a rock, the World Cup is in Cape Town, South Africa this year).  Mr. Khune had this to say: “We couldn’t hear the vuvuzelas (those infuriating, horn like instruments responsible for that horrible buzzing sound that seemed to drone on all game)…We expected to hear them and to be lifted by the people and the noise and the atmosphere….it was a letdown.”

What do you say to a guy like this?  South Africa is the lowest ranked of any team in the World Cup, yet they managed to play Mexico to a draw.  I don’t feel like looking up the history of the South African men’s soccer team, but playing Mexico to a draw has to be one of the biggest athletic accomplishments in the nation’s history.  Yet this guy is going to use his brief time in the limelight to berate his fan base for not cheering enough?  Come on, bro.  Have a little class.

On a side note, the World Cup has to lead the world in biggest discrepancy between actual excitement and hype since Waterworld.  I caught a little bit of the Uruguay/France match yesterday afternoon (it ended in a 0-0 tie).  It was like watching paint dry.  Uruguay wasn’t even trying to score.  I’m not a soccer-basher; I think soccer is a lot of fun to play.  But as a non-fan watching a random soccer game?  Christ it’s boring.  I also really hate all the pretend soccer fans out there who come out of the woodwork when the World Cup comes around and start rooting passionately for some team they know nothing about.

Anyway, I’ll still probably get sucked into watching the US/England soccer match today, a game that some guy on ESPN described as being like “the Lakers and Celtics, times 10.”  Not really a valid comparison, but I would like to see the US pull this one out, if only to see how outraged all the Brits get over losing.


~ by fc13 on June 12, 2010.

2 Responses to “South African Goalie Blames Fans For Draw…Are You Kidding Me?”

  1. From what I saw of it, the fans were terrific, although those horns are probably a distraction to both teams. I just don’t know why this guy would go and insult his fan base at one of the biggest sporting events in South African history…

  2. Wow, can’t believe he said that; during the broadcast I could hear them and being allergic to bees after a while I had to mute the TV. That’s like the England saying that Green didn’t make the block because he sneezed at the same and was looking for a tissue on the grass.

    They did really well being able to play to a draw, and quite frankly I’ll be surprise if they make it far in the cup.

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