Will Smith To Star In Adaptation Of Biblical Tale Of Cain And Abel…With Vampires

According to this article from Deadline, Will Smith is set to star as Cain in an adaptation of the classic Biblical tale of Cain and Abel.  This actually seemed like a pretty decent idea at first glance, until I saw the “vampiric twist” part.  How vampires are going to fit into this story is anybody’s guess.  Maybe it turns out that Cain actually betrayed Abel because he was a vampire and he didn’t want him to spread his disease around.  Not sure how they’ll work that angle,  but it’s safe to say that 1) This movie will be God-awful (pun intended) and 2) This movie will make a ton of money.  People love Will Smith and vampires, so combining the two is sure to send kids swarming to the theatres.  Hell, look at I Am Legend

I actually watched a couple episodes of “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” on TBS the other day.  It’s always a little depressing to watch a show you used to love as a kid only to realize how awful it was.  Not that I was expecting it to be great, but I thought I’d at least laugh a couple times.  At any rate, it’s pretty weird to look at Will Smith back in those days and then look at him today as a 41 year old.  Kind of a disapointing career, in my opinion.  He’s a guy who, with only a few exceptions (Ali being the most notable) has always chosen the safe route and the big-budget blockbusters: Independence Day, Men In Black, the Bad Boys series, Wild Wild West, and so on.  Not that there’s anything wrong with doing big-budget films, but I’d like to see him stretch out his acting chops a bit.  Even people you think of as “celebrity” actors, like Brad Pitt or George Clooney, have maintained a good mix of studio films and more character-based roles in independent or non-mainstream films, something that you rarely see with Smith.  You’re better than that, Big Willy, you’re better than that.


~ by fc13 on July 22, 2010.

3 Responses to “Will Smith To Star In Adaptation Of Biblical Tale Of Cain And Abel…With Vampires”

  1. What a fantastic idea. I really think they are onto something here. Vampires are hot now, so let’s vampire everything up. It’s only logical to start with the Bible. After that, the sky is the limit. How about Star Trek where the whole crew is vampires? Or the remake of Wall Street? Really, the possibilities are endless and Hollywood knows we’ll just eat it up.

    And I have to agree with you about Will Smith’s career. That was pretty insightful. He does tend to stay within his comfort zone. I do seem to recall he made a couple of non-explosion movies, but I didn’t see them and I can’t recall their names.

    • Haha I’d like to see them add vampires to Wall Street. Maybe all the Wall Street bankers are actually vampires, and Shia Labouef is the only one who knows. But yeah, Will Smith was good in Ali and Pursuit of Happyness, but that’s the only non-explosion movies he’s excelled in. Just a shame.

  2. whaaat???? vampires??? nooo!!!
    is that a JOKE?? hahaa omg!

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