This Is An Interesting Article


I know this LeBron thing has been talked about, debated, and analyzed non-stop since the airing of “The Decision,” but this Q&A with GQ writer J.R. Moehringer is one of the few legitimately insightful pieces I’ve read about it.  Moehringer apparently granted access to LeBron in the time period leading up to his announcement, and he’s writing the article for GQ that (I think) is coming out soon.  Anyway, this is basically a question and answer session in which Moehringer talks about the psychological reasoning behind LeBron’s decision to stab Cleveland fans in the back and go to Miami.  Really interesting stuff, check it out here:

On another note, I have been struggling mightily to keep the blog going.  A few bouts of writer’s block, a massive wallpaper removal project at my grandmother’s house, my job, and my purchase of Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty have limited my free time.  But have no fear, friends.  I am making a concerted effort to get this thing back and running.  Because if there’s one thing the internet needs more of, it’s some guy blogging about LeBron James, Seinfeld, and shitty Will Smith movies.


~ by fc13 on August 19, 2010.

2 Responses to “This Is An Interesting Article”

  1. I have successfully avoided Starcraft II so far. Maybe you can offer your thoughts of the game sometime. 🙂

    • Yeah, I’m actually planning to in the near-future. I’d say that if you enjoyed the first game, you will definitelylike this one. It’s pretty similiar in terms of gameplay, but of course there’s new units and better graphics and what-have you. Overall, it’s definitely worth picking up, though it does become extremely addicting.

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