Antonio Cromartie, Loving Father

Saw this on Barstool Sports the other day.  It’s from that HBO show Hard Knocks, which I haven’t seen but apparently just follows the Jets around at practice.  Here’s the clip:

When I was in maybe fourth grade, my math class did this exercise where every student had to get up in front of the class and recite the multiplication tables.  Now, I’m not a mathematician.  When I get called on to do some kind of math related problem, you can be damn sure I’m using my fingers.  To this day I still do this; I was playing darts the other day and trying to figure out my score when I busted out the old finger technique.  Every time I got up there to recite those multiplication tables I had the exact same look in my eyes as Antonio Cromartie when somebody asks him what his kids names are.  Just pure fear and bewilderment, because it’s something that you should know, and if you mess it up you’re going to be ridiculed mercilessly by your teammates/classmates.


~ by fc13 on August 21, 2010.

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