Dick Vitale Is Awful


I was going to post this as my status on Facebook, but it was too long.

The concept of hating celebrities is a little weird to me, but if there’s any celebrity I hate it’s Dick Vitale. The man is a complete joke, and why anyone finds him endearing is beyond me. Not once has he ever said anything funny, amusing, or informative. Every time I watch a game where he’s involved, I spend the majority of the time grimacing as his annoyingly over the top voice invades my living room. When I’m watching a basketball game, I’d like to get some analysis of the actual game, not a catalogue of “diaper dandies” or anecdote after anecdote about how great every single kid on every single team is. Aside from Jerry Remy, I can’t think of a bigger self-promoter and egomaniac. He’s the worst.

Update: Vitale just said the following about Duke’s Mason Plumlee: “The plum has been a peach tonight.”


~ by fc13 on November 22, 2010.

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