Jerry Sloan’s Swear Jar

Great video I found on YouTube today.  Check it out:

This video succeeds in spite of overwhelming odds. First, the Jazz are usually thought of as a bunch of tight-asses, so I imagine the guys who put it together had a lot of red tape to go through before getting the go-ahead from the Jazz PR people.  Second, they’re in Utah, the Mormon capital of the world. I don’t know how well a video which features profanity as a punchline would go over with a group of people who frown upon swearing.  Thirdly, the video stars a non-sensical mascot and a coach who hates fun.


While I’m on the topic of the Jazz, is there any guy who deserves a Coach of the Year award more than Sloan?  The guy has been coaching the Jazz for 20 years and he’s never won.  I think the nature of the award really hurts him. The Jazz are consistently pretty good, but rarely great. Here’s hoping he gets it this year.


~ by fc13 on January 13, 2011.

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