26)What Is The Funniest Airline-Related Quote Of All Time?

Q. What is the funniest airline-related quote of all time?

A. See below (don’t want to give away the punch-line).

Marvin “Bad News” Barnes was a professional basketball player in the 1970’s.  A bruising 6’9 forward with a penchant for off-court problems, he found his greatest success in the ABA as a member of the St. Louis Spirits (whoever the hell they were).

 He’s #24.

Bad News won the ABA Rookie of the Year in 1975.  He was a terrific talent, but he was, unfortunately, a bit of a dim-bulb.  In 1975, the Spirits were scheduled to travel from Louisville, Kentucky to St. Louis.  Because of the time difference between the two cities, Barnes was informed that the arrival time would be roughly the same as the departure; i.e. they’d be leaving at 8 and arriving at 8.  This situation seemed to flummox Bad News who famously said “I ain’t getting on no damn time machine.”


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