Russell Westbrook Scores 30 Points On 30 Shots…What Are You Kidding Me?


That says chucker. And just in case you’re wondering, it’s probably the most artistic creation ever devised by yours truly. 

At any rate, the other day someone compared Russell Westbrook to Derrick Rose. I think he’s a lot more like Monta Ellis; a shoot first guard who is gonna do whatever he needs to do to be the most talked about guy on the team. You know when a big scorer is having an off game, and the announcers say stuff like “He doesn’t care if he’s missed his last ten shots, he’s gonna keep shooting” as the player in question hoists up bad shot after bad shot? That’s Russell Westbrook. The only problem is he’s not the best player on his team. Not by a long-shot.

 Westbrook is either delusional, or he’s come down with a severe case of Sasha Vujacic syndrome. For those of you not familiar with SVS, it’s a disorder seen in certain basketball players that makes said player believe he is the team’s number one option, despite scores of evidence to the contrary. Sasha Vujacic, from whom the disease is named, is a mediocre shooting guard primarily known for his stint with the Lakers. Vujacic never let the fact that he was playing on a championship level team with two of the greatest players in league history (Shaq and Kobe) get in the way of his own agenda, which was to shoot every time he caught it within 30 feet of the basket.   

Westbrook’s case is particularly disturbing because he plays alongside Kevin Durant. Durant is probably the best pure scorer in the league, so it’s gotta annoy the hell out of him that his “point guard” only looks to pass when it’s physically impossible to get a shot up. There should never be a situation where the point guard on a team with a guy that good takes 30 shots in a game. It’s ridiculous, yet it seems to happen all the time with Westbrook, and it’s a big reason why there’s no way the Thunder are making it past the second round in this year’s playoffs.


~ by fc13 on April 26, 2011.

5 Responses to “Russell Westbrook Scores 30 Points On 30 Shots…What Are You Kidding Me?”

  1. Who ever u r sorry im late but russell is amazing clearly he’s good enough to make it to the nba, and i bet he’ll do u any day,I dont know wat u have against him but yeah lay off dat one.

  2. you are a fuckinggg moron

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