Evidently, Not Everyone Agrees That Nickelback Is The Worst Band Of All Time.

Today, I discovered that I’m friends with 9 people on Facebook who “like” Nickelback. Even if for some bizarre reason you happen to enjoy generic “rock” bands whose frontmen sound like a choking Kurt Cobain, have no higher aspirations than “get on the radio, maybe make money off idiotic high school kids,” and are complete assholes to boot, why would you put that information on Facebook? That’s the type of thing that should result in you getting fired, excommunicated from your local parish, and shunned from the community at large.

Now, I fully understand that music is a very subjective experience. A song that is uplifting and life-affirming to one hipster doofus sounds like the work of the devil to his 86 year old grandmother. Differences in musical tastes are one of the things that make life interesting, yada yada yada. I thought the one thing that pretty much everyone could agree on, though, is that Nickelback is awful. Apparently, there are at least 9 people who disagree with me.


~ by fc13 on July 14, 2011.

3 Responses to “Evidently, Not Everyone Agrees That Nickelback Is The Worst Band Of All Time.”

  1. I don’t either to be honest. I see them somehow staying around for another 10-15 years and 3 greatest “hits” albums and then doing 9 farewell tours. Somehow they have found a way to stay in the game…

  2. Yeah, the hatred of the population at large seems to fuel them, for some reason. Sadly, I don’t see retirement happening anytime soon.

  3. Nickelback is completely awful. Though I will give their first cd a nod of semi-approval for being “ok” at best. But I really hope they retire in the next few days from music all together.

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