Want To Stop Michele Bachman? Stop Talking About Her.

If you have even a cursory interest in American politics, chances are good that you’ve read some article, op-ed piece, or blog post detailing the bizarre creature that is Michele Bachman. For those of you who haven’t, Bachman is aUnited States Representative from Minnesota who has propelled herself to the forefront of the Republican Party’s search for a viable presidential candidate in 2012. Bachman is also either A) Legitimately insane or B) A brilliant actor who has managed to use the ultra-conservative ideology of the Tea Party to posit herself as a potential leader of the entireUnited States.

Like most rational, free-thinking adults, I don’t like Michelle Bachman. I have no idea how she hoodwinked the people ofMichiganinto electing her in the first place. I think, frankly, that she’s a menace and that the sort of politics of fear that she promotes are exactly the type of thing theUnited Statesneeds to avoid. Disagree with me? Here are some of the enlightening comments that she has made:



(Images courtesy of: http://www.buzzfeed.com/mjs538/the-10-craziest-michele-bachmann-quotes?p=3&&r=true&z=2FAG0A)

 And so on. She’s said a lot of crazy shit, her political policy is a borderline hate crime, and she believes the defining issue of our time is whether or not two men or two women can marry each other. That’s where her head is at.

However, there’s a huge problem with pointing out how stupid Michele Bachmann is. By pointing out her stupidity, you’re only making her more legitimate in the eyes of her followers. People who are in the Tea-Party are not interested in logic. They don’t want a detailed and nuanced breakdown of any issues. They (and I realize that generalizing an entire segment of the population is a bit iffy, but bear with me here) are generally far more interested in hating things than they are in actually working to improve things.

So every time some liberal in the media, whether it’s a newspaper columnist, television personality like John Stewart of Stephen Colbert or whoever writes a column or hosts a segment breaking down the inherent craziness of someone like Bachman, this increases her legitimacy in the eyes of her followers. Seeing the snarky, smug, elitist Jon Stewart making wisecracks about Bachman’s intelligence only makes her stronger. She’s like some kind of mythical beast that grows in power with each smarmy insult thrown at her by talk show hosts looking to garner a few cheap laughs.

The Tea Party sees itself as a marginalized group of American patriots, fighting against the crazy, socialist liberals who have taken over the country. A good way to further marginalize them is to make fun of their leaders. It’s paradoxical, but true.

The way to get Michele Bachman to go away is simply to stop talking about her. Ignore her. Give her the old fashioned silent treatment, and see what happens. Seriously, if every newspaper in the country agreed to stop publishing articles about her, every radio personality agreed to stop playing clips of her outrageous quotes, and so on, she would eventually just fade away. Because let’s be honest, there is no way in hell a woman who once said “Not all cultures are equal” is becoming president of the United States.


~ by fc13 on July 24, 2011.

One Response to “Want To Stop Michele Bachman? Stop Talking About Her.”

  1. Michele Bachmann is, unfortunately, from Minnesota, not Michigan.

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