16) What is the Most Underrated Video Game of All Time?

Q. What is the most underrated video game of all time?

A. Zombies Ate My Neighbors.

Zombies Ate My Neighbors is an absolute gem of a video game, yet sadly few people seem to be aware of its existence. I’ve had numerous conversations that go something like this:

Person A: So what was your favorite video game as a kid?

Me: Zombies Ate My Neighbors! That game was awesome!

Person A: Never heard of it.

Me: Oh…

Zombies came out on Sega and Super Nintendo in 1993. I know what you’re thinking: Zombies? Really? Keep in mind this was 1993, though, long before zombies had run amuck in American pop culture.

It’s a top down shooter where the player controls 1 of 2 kids in a suburban neighborhood that has been overrun by zombies, werewolves, chainsaw maniacs, evil dolls, and a host of other horror movie villains and archetypes. Think of it as the last scene of The Cabin in the Woods, the video game version. In every level, it’s the player’s duty to rescue the clueless neighbors from these monsters. Once all the neighbors have been saved, a door opens up and you move on to the next level.

So what is it that makes this game so great? First, there’s an incredible amount of detail in the game. You have a myriad of options for weapons, including a water pistol, soda cans that act as grenades, bazookas, fire extinguishers which freeze enemies, and a variety of other interesting pieces of weaponry. Then you’ve got the secondary weapons: inflatable clowns that distract enemies, speed shoes, and a potion that turns you into a purple, hulk-like beast. Certain weapons are more effective against certain enemies as well; for instance, the werewolf is easily dispatched by knives and forks (silverware), the vampire is destroyed by the cross, etc.

In addition to the stunning amount of detail, the games biggest asset is its sense of humor. The creators clearly took a tongue in cheek approach to the material, which is complemented by a great soundtrack that harkens back to the over-the-top monster movies of years gone by. The level titles are also hysterical odes to classic films or books. Examples include: “Mars Needs Cheerleaders,” “I Was A Chainsaw Maniac,” and “Where the Red Fern Growls.”

Another thing I appreciated about this game was that it was challenging, but it wasn’t so difficult that you found yourself slamming your controller on the ground after being sent back to the opening credits after 2 hours of gameplay.

I have to admit that nostalgia may be causing me to put on the rose-colored glasses in some ways. The game certainly has flaws; notably the password system is annoying because you are starting in a level without the requisite items that allow you to advance beyond that level. But I still think this is one of the more creative, well-done video games of its era and I would encourage anyone reading this to dust off the old Super Nintendo and give this game a whirl. You won’t be disappointed.


~ by fc13 on March 8, 2013.

2 Responses to “16) What is the Most Underrated Video Game of All Time?”

  1. I have both games (SNEs, Genesis) and I always loved it. I have a few magazines that gave a good coverage and good ratings to it. IT was 100% recommended!

  2. Just adding my two cents that I don’t think nostalgia is overly clouding your senses; My boyfriend and I stumbled upon this game on the Wii Virtual Console a few years ago and absolutely loved it. I highly recommend it for lighthearted co-op play, it’s very engaging, especially for anyone who likes that old school feel.

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