Bus Driver Takes Students To Six Flags Instead Of Class. Only In Jersey.

According to this report from MSNBC, a bus driver mistakenly took a group of students to Six Flags instead of their school in Little Ferry, New Jersey.  So these kids show up in the morning, hop on their daily bus, then find themselves barreling down the New Jersey turnpike, their idiotic, possibly psychotic bus driver refusing to stop.  Finally, the kids called their parents and convinced the guy to turn around.

I don’t know what was a bigger fail here.  The bus driver will obviously be fired for such a massive mishap, so that’s a pretty big fail.  Did this guy think a group of 30 high-school students was going on an unchaperoned field trip to an amusement park?  Come on, man.  At the same time, the kids have to be a little savvier here.  Once they figured out that this guy was going to Six Flags, they should have rolled with it and been like “Oh, thanks for the ride, we’ll see you in the parking lot in 5 hours.” 



~ by fc13 on May 21, 2010.

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